17 - 19 September 2024


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New faces. New ideas.
Meet our INDEX Ambassadors.

Dive into the captivating world of interior design with our INDEX Ambassadors! Follow their journey to explore the latest trends in the industry. Discover their inspiring stories, creative visions, and remarkable accomplishments.

Each ambassador's bio is a testament to their expertise and passion for transforming spaces into captivating works of art. Through this exclusive showcase, we invite you to be inspired by the brilliance of our esteemed ambassadors and join us on a journey that celebrates the limitless possibilities of design.

Wafaa AlAtawi
Eng. Aseel Al Hamad
Marmar Al-Hilali
Caline Harb
Abdullah Alolayan
Abrar Salah Binmahfooz
Rasha Al-Tekreeti
Noor Kiswani
Noorh Albadi
Amal Fageeh
Olfat Barayan
Raneem Mahroos
Summaya Barry
Reem Shaban
Ali Matar
Sarah Ahchouch
Abdul Rahman Taha
Ahmad AlBeik
Yasmin Alkhawashki
Nour Aljabri
Ohoud Mazhar
Khaled Hashem
Dr. Faiza Al Sarami
Amna Interior
Noura W Suleiman
Nabeeh Afaraa
Kholud Attar
Fatemah Almadani
Shalise Basso
Carina Fontes
Rayyan Noorsaeed
Njoud Alanbari
Sana Yousif
Mehrnaz Jiani
Mahdi Albahrani
Amany Al-Ayed
Eng. Sadim Alissa