INDEX Saudi isn’t just a trading floor though. Insider knowledge on the latest solutions being sourced for current and future projects will be provided through seminars, features and market intelligence led by these key developers and project leaders.

From local craftsmen and artists to the largest multinationals in the design industry, you will meet hundreds of brands and over 5,000 of your peers will be there as well. Discover how you can apply the latest trends in design from floor to ceiling, whether you are working on projects for the hospitality or healthcare industry, you will find every element of interior and surface design represented at the show.


  • G&G Magazine

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  • Umran Magazine

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  • Treniq

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  • Zingy Homes

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  • Lamasat Magazine

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  • GreenInFuture

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  • Eye of Riyadh

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  • Al Benaa Magazine

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  • Hotel Objekte

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  • Design42Day

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  • Archinet

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  • Tiara Hotel

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  • The Saudi Umran Society

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