The future of Kitchen & Bathroom design

There is a new era of creativity flowing into the kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fitting industry. Robust growth in residential construction is likely to increase demand in the market and fuel demand for modular kitchens. As more people lead a hectic and sedentary lifestyle, they prefer energy-efficient and time-saving solutions hence modular kitchens and the technology that they employ. Remodeling and refurbishing of households to increase the demand for property value are also adding to the demand for modular kitchens in the region.

Major manufacturers are bringing the best in kitchen and bathroom designs to INDEX Saudi Arabia.

■  Bathroom Accessories
■  Bathroom Dispensers
■  Bathtub
■  Installing & Flushing System
■  Sanitary Products
■  Shower Systems
■  Sink and Faucet Units
■  Piping Systems
■  Residential Kitchen Units
■  Cooker Hood
■  Refrigeration & Storage
■  Fixtures & Fittings

Showcase products for all kinds of interior projects

INDEX Saudi Arabia hosts brands that are ready to start supplying to the booming Saudi market, for hospitality, commercial and residential projects.