17 - 19 September 2024



With the interiors market boasting a remarkable worth of $3.5 billion, there's an evident appetite for products that can breathe life into any interior space. This dedicated sector focuses on catering to both indoor and outdoor environments, encompassing commercial, hospitality, and residential settings.

Saudi's fast-growing residential and hospitality spaces coupled with an increase in the number of F&B venues fuels the demand for unique furniture. Remarkably, major stakeholders in the hospitality industry, including hotels and restaurants, have emerged as significant consumers of outdoor furniture, creating a lucrative opportunity for market players. Notably, decorative lounge chairs, tables, and upholstery stand as key products driving substantial revenues in this dynamic market.

This sector at INDEX Saudi Arabia showcases top players and manufacturers, bringing you the latest products, technologies, and trends that breathe life into every space.

■  Cabinets, Closets & Storage
■  Contemporary Collections
■  Classical Furniture
■  Dining Furniture
■  Living Room Furniture
■  Chairs & Sofas
■  Furniture & Furnishings


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