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Noorh Albadi

Noorh Albadi, BA, MFA, PhD., is a prominent figure in the field of architecture and design. As the Vice Dean of the College of Architectural Engineering and Digital Design at Dar Al Uloom University, she holds a pivotal role in shaping the future of architectural education and research.

With a wealth of academic and research experience, Noorh Albadi is a dedicated scholar who explores the intricate relationship between people and their built environment, with a keen focus on fulfilling their unique needs. Her research work is characterized by its interdisciplinary nature, touching upon diverse fields such as design, evidence-based design, environmental psychology, and user experience.

Being a firm believer in the importance of evidence-based approaches, Albadi's research endeavors contribute significantly to advancing knowledge and understanding in her domain. By combining empirical data and theoretical insights, she strives to enhance the quality and functionality of architectural spaces, aiming to create environments that promote well-being and satisfaction for their inhabitants.

Noorh Albadi's dedication to her profession is evident through her active involvement in professional organizations like the Interior Design Education Council (IDEC), where she actively contributes to the exchange of ideas and best practices in design education.

Throughout her career, Noorh Albadi has achieved remarkable accomplishments and earned widespread recognition for her contributions to the field. Her passion for design, coupled with her commitment to research and education, makes her an influential figure in shaping the future of architectural engineering and digital design.