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ZUMA Design Consultants is GCC’s best kept secret

02 Sep. 2023

“ZUMA Design Consultants is GCC’s best kept secret when it comes to bespoke Carpets; making it the ultimate destination for Designers to find exclusive pieces alongside endless possibilities to customize the Perfect Rug ”


Creating Timeless Interiors with ZUMA

Zubin Rao and Mallika Dewan Ra

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, ZUMA has an enigmatic allure with their wide range of

Carpets spanning from Classical , Contemporary, Neo Classical and Modern . A perfect

blend of opulence and craftsmanship, a Zuma Carpet has an inherent quality to transform a space from Standard to Luxury.


"The priority has always been good design, great quality, and client satisfaction from the day of inception, and that hasn't changed. In terms of business, we give equal priority to projects of all scales, and to do justice to that, we have developed a team of highly skilled Architects, Interior Designers, and Product Designers who help us to stay strong and relevant in this dynamic market."


"Product development has always interested us; we wanted to curate one-off pieces that stand out not only in design but also in quality and technique. With ZUMA, each project has a versatile edge, and each carpet is a piece of art; we wanted to develop products/projects that people look forward to investing in when they are building a Home or an Office, or Commercial Space, something that is unique.”


Today a ZUMA carpet is synonymous with luxury, with ZUMA, a carpet is never an afterthought. It’s a highly valued decision that’s creatively made to elevate the entire experience of being in a space, with an In-House Design team and highly trained team of Weavers and Craftsman, ZUMA Specialises in Hand Tufted, Hand Knotted, Axminster, Broadloom Carpets, and Carpet Tiles. Be it a ready to go requirement or an indulgent experience of customising a carpet. A Palace, a Hotel, a Luxury villa, an Office space, a Commercial space, or an Apartment. With ZUMA’s wide range of offerings and an equally diverse portfolio, there’s something for everyone


Our Services

  • Architecture, Interiors & Project Management • Carpet Connoisseurs • Furniture & Home Automation
  • Hardwood, Engineered & Composite Flooring • Styling

"Our services can be divided into interior design and carpeting solutions. On the interior front, we are nearing handover for some commercial office spaces and 2 high-end luxury golf course villas; for carpets, we are working on our new collection that will be launched in the last quarter of this year."

"We have a very young and creative team. So, the environment in our workspace is conducive to creative thinking. We welcome thoughts and ideas and share a friendly rapport with our team. It's a fun workspace, and we don't like to be unreasonably rigid if the tasks are being done well. Our team has the freedom to perform, which brings out the best in each of them."