ABOUT Thai Hand Tuft Carpet Factory Ltd

The Thai Carpet factory in Thailand has avast built-up land area with over 150 skilled tuftersand experienced employees. Thai Carpet is a world-class manufacturer that utilizes the latest Industry machineries and technology. Due to its recent expansion at the factory, Thai Carpet will increase its production capacity by the year end.

Thai Carpet has international presence and extensive market coverage. 90% of Thai Carpet products are exported to over 25 countries.

Unfazed by possible countless hurdles, Thai Carpet has embarked on an unconventional path of brand establishment and management to differentiate and setting itself apart from other manufacturers.

Thai Carpet is not only popular amongst architects and interior designers in Thailand but it has also stamped its mark - visible in the many big and prestigious projects awarded in various continents.

Some of their projects include:

- Bayan Palace, Kuwait
- Sheikh Meitab Palace, Kuwait
- Sultan Qaboos Mosques (18 sites), Oman
- Sheraton, Kuwait
- Hilton Hotel, Kuwait
- Sofitel Hotel, Vietnam
- Royal Palace Villa, Bahrain
- Shangri-La, Austria
- Johor Palace, Malaysia

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