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Modular-furniture pioneer Isomi launches new Frame sink system

07 Jan. 2022

Over the 10 years since Isomi was founded, the award-winning British design company has been a leader in modular workspace and reception furniture, known for its easy-to-specify systems and unrivaled manufacturing capability. Now, the brand is moving into new territory – the bathroom. Isomi will be exhibiting at INDEX (24 - 26 May) and INDEX Saudi Arabia (6 - 8 September) this year.



The new product collection Frame takes the breadth of customisation, material expertise, and aesthetic flair that Isomi has historically brought to its desks, tables, seating and storage solutions, and brings it across the lobby into the washroom. This expansion marks a new chapter for Isomi, and a host of exciting new possibilities for the architects, designers and developers it serves.

Frame is a highly flexible modular sink system in solid surface. Isomi’s aim for the concept was to make specifying a custom-made washroom product as simple as sourcing a standard sink off the shelf, balancing a high-end design aesthetic with the durability to withstand high-traffic commercial environments.

In typical Isomi style, the look of the Frame design is elegant, modern and minimalist, but the timeless simplicity of the sink’s appearance belies a tremendously wide spectrum of specifiability, with customers able to select their sink according to profile, depth and height as desired.

The collection takes its name from the fact that a secondary material finish can be introduced to ‘frame’ the sink module, creating a play between interior and exterior finishes that introduces further visual interest. For launch, Frame is available exclusively in solid surface, either in solid plane colours or with terazzo or concrete effect finishes, allowing clients to play with complementary or contrasting shades and textures.



In addition to variations in the style and dimensions of the Frame sink itself, there are also assorted options for accessories, including bins, backsplash, mirrors, shelves and freestanding back-to-back island units. Taps can either be mounted on the walls above the basin or fitted into an integrated deck, and multiple-user waste systems can be installed to maximise efficiency.

This uniquely flexible system means that Frame can be adapted to meet the functional and aesthetic of almost any setting at any scale, from shared-use troughs in commercial settings to single-use basins in more intimate domestic environments.

A move into the bathroom might at first seem unexpected for a brand known for specialising in workspace furniture, but Frame is very much a logical step for Isomi. The modular approach that has proven so successful in workplace settings has clear appeal when it comes to bathroom design for commercial spaces. In addition, the company’s co-founders Nick Welsh, Jenny Davies and designer Paul Crofts all have backgrounds in the world of bathroom design.

‘Having worked in the bathroom sector for many years both as an interior and product designer, I was able to draw on both my experience of modular design for Isomi and my understanding of washroom environments – as well as the complexity of specification in that sector. It was really fulfilling to apply the Isomi design philosophy to this new area, and a very natural transition to make.’ – Paul Crofts, design director

Isomi will be exhibiting at INDEX (24 - 26 May 2022) and INDEX Saudi Arabia (6 - 8 September 2022). Are you looking to expand your business in the Middle East? Find out more about exhibiting at INDEX.


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