Riyadh Trend is young and dynamic social media company, that has established a solid reputation in the local market as a source point of identifying the cool and trendy Places, Events and Restaurants In Riyadh. 
  سواء كنت من داخل او خارج الرياض فهو دليلك لكل ماهو جديد ومميز بمدينه الرياض من اماكن ترفيه ، مطاعم ، تسوق ، فعاليات .. هدفنا ان نبقيكم على اطلاع بكل ماهو جديد بمدينه الرياض 



  • G&G Magazine

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  • Umran Magazine

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  • Treniq

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  • Zingy Homes

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  • Lamasat Magazine

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  • GreenInFuture

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  • Eye of Riyadh

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  • Al Benaa Magazine

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  • Hotel Objekte

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  • Design42Day

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  • Archinet

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  • Tiara Hotel

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  • The Saudi Umran Society

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  • Compassesworld

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  • Riyadh Trend

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  • Al Jawhara Magazine

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  • Encyclomedia

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