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Fahad M. Al-Sulaiman is a renowned architect who ranks amongst the top 100 architects in the world. Fahad has extensive experience in the industry for over 30 years, working in both public and private sectors, and he is the CEO and the principal architect of Saudi Tech a leading consultation firm in Saudi Arabia that offers engineering consultancy services.

As the CEO of Saudi Tech , Fahad oversees the design and delivery of high-quality projects in various domains, such as housing, education, retail, and interior design, He specializes in creating elegant and functional spaces for villas, coffee shops, and offices.

Fahad is the main point of contact as he is the Co-founder | Director of Collaborative Architecture SA .

He is also involved in the Saudi Umran Society, a national initiative that aims to promote authentic, sustainable, and innovative urban design that reflects the country's culture and identity. Some of Fahad's notable projects include the Alamoudia Compound, the King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Science And Research Institute at Sarajevo University of Science and Technology, the Technical City of Dammam, and the King Abdullah Foundation for Developmental Housing.